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Tla’amin Nation Citizenship and Enrolment Law: Review and Revision Initiative
Engagement Survey deadline January 31, 2019

In early 2018, the Tla’amin Citizenship Committee identified concerns regarding implementation and operation of the existing Tla’amin Citizenship and Enrolment Law.

In this context, and consistent with the procedures for amending Tla’amin Laws, the Tla’amin Nation is currently undertaking a review of the existing Tla’amin Citizenship and Enrolment Law, including the current eligibility criteria for Tla’amin Citizenship. See timeline for the review and revisions below.


The purpose of this survey is to seek input and direction of Tla’amin Citizens regarding potential amendments to the Tla’amin Citizenship and Enrolment Law.

All information provided through survey responses will be kept anonymous as required under the Tla’amin Nation Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Law (sections 26 and 27).

Please click on the following link and answer the survey questions to the best of your ability. The Tla’amin Nation Government and the Tla’amin Nation Citizenship Committee wish to thank all Tla’amin Citizens in advance for taking the time and making the commitment to respond to these important questions.

The deadline to complete the online survey is 4:00pm, January 31, 2019.

Survey link: https://bit.ly/2DT5IQy

If you have any immediate questions about the survey or the overall engagement initiative, please contact Serena Barnes, Tla’amin Nation Citizenship, Membership and Lands Clerk in the Governance Building, via phone (604)483-9646 extension 120, or by email at MEMBERSHIP@TN-BC.CA