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Submission deadline: Friday February 28, 2020 at 4:00 pm

The Qamɛs ʔəms Tala Settlement Trust manages a large amount of funds for the Tla’amin Nation. Interests of these funds are used for the pursuit and generation of economic opportunities for the Tla’amin Nation.

Individuals will receive $100 as compensation for their work, and may submit up to 3 pieces for consideration. The artist will receive $100 for the submission, not per item submitted.

The ownership of the artwork remains with the artist, unless their art is chosen as the new logo. The artist of the selected logo will receive $500, after which Qamɛs ʔəms Tala Settlement Trust obtains the ownership of the artwork.

For more information and to receive a package with design criteria please contact Kristi Thiele at kristi.thiele@tn-bc.ca or 250-686-3163.