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Notice to the Tla’amin Community from the Tla’amin Nation

July 29, 2019

Subject: Tla’amin Citizenship Initiative


The criteria to become a Tla’amin Citizen is under review by the Tla’amin Nation. To inform the review and potential changes to the Tla’amin Citizenship criteria, the Nation is carrying out focus groups, family meetings and distributing a survey to gather the opinions of Tla’amin people on Tla’amin ancestry and Tla’amin Citizenship.

This notice is to encourage you to have your voice heard by completing a survey and/or requesting a family meeting. Tla’amin Nation staff can assist you in completing a survey.


In 2018 the Citizenship Committee was having some difficulty implementing the current Tla’amin Citizenship criteria and asked that the Tla’amin Government carry out a review of the Citizenship and Enrolment Law, in particular the Citizenship criteria. There are concerns among the Citizenship Committee and Legislative Assembly regarding the broad eligibility Tla’amin Citizenship criteria. This has raised questions about whether there should be reasonable limitations on qualifying for enrolment to be a Tla’amin Citizen.

Under the authority of a Tla’amin Legislative Assembly Order, the Nation’s staff and Citizenship Committee have been instructed to carry out a review initiative. There will be a variety of opportunities for Citizens to shape the content and direction of potential amendments to the criteria. Activities will include: in-person dialogue sessions (on and off Tla’amin Lands); a survey (both paper and electronic); sessions with individuals and family groups; and focus groups.

We thank all of you who have already completed a survey. The electronic survey was posted on the Tla’amin Nation Facebook page in early 2019. The Nation is now making a push for face-to-face discussions and for more people to complete surveys.

The survey can be printed and returned to Tla’amin Governance House or you can also complete the survey online:

Download Survey [PDF] | or access the Online Survey

If you have any questions, would like to request a family meeting, or if you require assistance in completing the survey please contact Pam Wilson:

Pam Wilson

Citizenship/Membership Clerk

Tla’amin Nation

1-604-483-9646 ext. 114


Note: this initiative specifically deals with Tla’amin Citizenship and is being led by the Tla’amin Nation alone. Please do not confuse Tla’amin Citizenship with “indian band membership” or “indian status registration”, which also happens to be under review by Canada.    

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