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Notice to the Tla’amin Community from the Tla’amin Nation
February 28, 2019

Subject: Revised Survey re: Tla’amin Citizenship

The Tla’amin Nation is distributing a new revised survey to gather the opinions of Tla’amin people on Tla’amin ancestry and Tla’amin Citizenship. We were hearing from people that they found the original survey distributed in Fall 2018 to be too technical, so we have modified the survey to get the best input we can. For those that had completed and submitted an earlier survey, we ask that you please complete one of the new surveys, and we apologize for the confusion and inconvenience.

The purpose of the survey is to gather feedback from Tla’amin Citizens regarding their thoughts on what it means to be a Tla’amin Citizen in order to assess whether amendments to the Tla’amin Citizenship criteria may be required. This initiative is not going to remove anyone from Tla’amin Citizenship. It is about the future.

Download Survey Files [PDF]

Or you can access the Online Survey