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Tla’amin Nation dividends bring a little extra Christmas cheer

Forgoing expensive Christmas dinners results in greater direct benefit to Citizens

November 23, 2023

Tla’amin government is more than doubling the traditional Christmas dividend this year to account for steep cost of living and inflation related pressures.

By motion of Executive Council every registered adult and child living off-lands will receive $300, while on-lands members will receive $250 per person. 

Community Services Director Losa Luaifoa said “Cost of living increases have been very hard on Tla’amin families, and we have seen a strong uptick in our all of our poverty reduction programs this year. Our social safety net is under serious duress.”

Off-lands citizens receive a slightly larger amount to compensate for not having access to specific programs/services that are only available on-lands i.e., the Good Food Box.

This year’s increase is made possible through a contribution from Thichum Forest products, reallocation of the Christmas Dinner budgets, and a top up from Tla’amin administration. 

Luaifoa explains, “As much as we love to come together, the Nation is skipping expensive catered Christmas dinners this year to put more tala back into the pockets of Citizens. This change is only for this season and will be revisited next year.”

For your convenience, application forms have been mailed out. Please see deposit date information:

Friday, December 8:  1st deposit into bank accounts for forms received by 4:30 pm on Tuesday, December 5. Forms received after December 5th will be processed through the regular weekly accounts payable process.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact:  

dividends@tn-bc.ca  or 604-483-9646 x 122

Download Form: