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Director of Community Services Losa Luaifoa (left) accepts a donation of $30,000 worth of firewood for Elders and members with unique needs. Kaycee Mitchell (right) presented the donation on behalf of Adam Culos General Manager of Thichum Forest Products. 

2023 Tla’amin Firewood Programs provide discounted wood to Citizens

On September 13th Thichum Forest Products, a Tla’amin Nation subsidiary, donated 100 seasoned cords of firewood to Tla’amin Nation valued at $30,000.

This donation will allow Tla’amin to provide free firewood through an Elders and unique needs program, one of three firewood programs offered this year.

Elders and unique needs 

Elders (60 years and older), citizens with unique needs, and social assistance clients who have a woodstove are eligible to receive one free cord of seasoned fir delivered to their homes.

Door-to-door deliveries for eligible citizens will begin on September 25th. Please make sure you have a cleared area in your yard to receive your cord of wood. The yard works team is available to re-split and stack wood for those citizens who need extra help.

Please contact Pam Wilson for any questions about the Elders and unique needs program pam.wilson@tn-bc.ca or call (604) 413-6869.

Half-priced for Tla’amin Citizens

Discounted firewood of up to three cords per household is available to Tla’amin citizens for purchase. Citizens pay only $150 (half price) for a cord of seasoned fir delivered to your home. In order to access the half-priced program you must have a woodstove in your home.

To receive a discount code for half-priced program please contact Pam Wilson pam.wilson@tn-bc.ca or (604) 413-6869. Shortly after, you will be contacted by with an estimated delivery date.

Cut your own

The usual permitting system is in place for citizens to cut their own wood. The Edgehill woodlot opens September 21, 2023 for two weeks.The woodlot will be monitored by Tla’amin enforcement team and permit checks will happen at the gate.

Citizens can pick up maps and apply for permits at Tla’amin governance house. 

For operating hours and other questions about woodlot access and the cut your own program please contact April Treakle at april.treakle@tn-bc.ca (604) 413-6916.

This summer is one of the driest on record please avoid smoking in the bush, use a chainsaw in good running order, and be cautious and aware of your surroundings when bucking wood; sturdy ground, proper PPE. imot!

Download the flyer [pdf]