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June 4, 2021
Recently the interval between first and second doses of COVID vaccines has decreased to eight weeks. All youth aged 12 -17 may now receive the vaccine.

Tla’amin Health is holding a clinic for all Nation members, anyone who identifies as Indigenous and/or those living and working in the community, who received their first Pfizer vaccine on or BEFORE April 15 2021 or requires their first dose of the vaccine.

Details for Next Clinic:
DATE: Friday June 11, 2021
PLACE: Salish Center
TIME: 9:30-4:00 pm.
Options for booking an appointment:

  1. Jane App online- Book your own appointment online at: tlaaminhealth.janeapp.com
  2. Call Health at 604-483-3009 and we can set up an appointment over the phone
  3. Family Champion or Lead:
    A family member gathers names of those in your family who want to be vaccinated. Your lead can either book family appointments online or call Tla’amin Health to book.
    ➢ Masks required, and will be provided to those who do not have a mask.
    ➢ Allow 15 minutes for the appointment and please be prepared to wait 15 minutes after your immunization
    ➢ Additional clinics to follow for those need their second dose on a later date or received Moderna vaccine
    ➢ If you have any questions, please call Janice Ashton COVID-19 Liaison for Tla’amin at (604) 483-3009 ext. 115