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Message from Tla’amin Executive Council and Health Director
(April 9, 2021)

Total number of active lab confirmed COVID-19 cases in Tla’amin is now four, an increase of one.

Tla’amin Health, in collaboration with VCH and FNHA, continues to monitor lab confirmed COVID-19 cases in our community daily. We cannot afford to be complacent. We all must follow the Provincial Health Orders to protect everyone.

Key points:
• No indoor social gatherings of any size – the only people in your home should be the ones that live there.
•Maximum 10 people gathering outside distanced from each other – stick to the same people.
•Dr. Henry just announced that BC will no longer be testing broadly for these specific variants, and thatall COVID positive cases should be considered highly transmissible.

There is no age limit on gathering restrictions. Although children are at a lower risk of complications, they are fully capable of carrying and transmitting the virus to others. Please limit your children’s contact with others, as if they were adults, while these health orders are in effect.

Key Message:
We all need to follow the restrictions and to stay home during this record-breaking surge in BC, except for essential purposes. To report any indoor gatherings, or outdoor gatherings (of over 10 people) please call our emergency line (604) 578-0447.

To try and prevent the spread, we are implementing a nightly curfew from 8 pm to 8 am, effective today – April 9. Only people who need to go to work or obtain medical attention or supplies will be permitted to leave their property during these hours.

We are all hurting from the recent loss in our community. As a community we always come together in times like this, but the only way to protect everyone is by limiting physical contact with people. We can still be social and come together in other ways that don’t involve physical contact through technology like social media and video calling. While nothing can replace a hug from a loved one, we all need to be really mindful to keep everyone safe. Our hearts go out to the families and everyone in the community as we are all affected by this.

Our team of amazing first responders have been trained to operate under strict protocols to keep themselves and the community safe. They use full personal protective equipment when responding to calls and follow strict decontamination protocols when dealing with COVID related scenarios. We also raise our hands to acknowledge their service at this time, and to all the front-line workers we honor you.

If you are experiencing any symptoms, please report to the Powell River General Hospital emergency department for testing. Please call ahead first for further instructions 604-485-3211.

The Westview Clinic has also extended testing hours for this weekend. Please call 604-485-3572 between 9:00am-11:00am to book an appointment.

Please reach out to the following support lines if you have Covid-19 or have been instructed to self-isolate:
Melinda Hasselback is available at Tla’amin Health 604.483.3009 if you wish to speak to nursing staff.
Carmen Galligos is available on the Tla’amin Emergency line at 604.578.0447.

Next Scheduled Update: April 10, 2021