Tla'amin / Northern Coast Salish Fishing Artifacts

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    Prior to European contact, the marine environment of the Northwest Coast was rich with a diversity and abundance of species. Oral knowledge, ethnographic accounts and the archaeological record tell us that marine resources were hugely important to Northwest Coast peoples, that The People had considerable ecological and technological knowledge that allowed them to effectively harvest and manage these resources.

    Herring Drying Rack, Klehkwahnnohm

    Depending on material and environment, only some traditional fishing tools preserve in the archaeological record. While stone artifacts such as line sinkers and net weights preserve indefinitely, bone tools such as fish hooks, leister points and herring rake tips only preserve if the soil is not too acidic. Wood and various fibres are only found in waterlogged archaeological sites where the artifacts are protected from bacteria and decay.

    Herring and Salmon Bones

    Click on the links below to read about some traditional fishing technologies used in the Tla’Amin area and throughout the North West Coast.

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