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Reminder: Have you booked your COVID-19 Booster Vaccine appointment???

 (Due 6-8 months after 2nd dose, therefore if you were vaccinated June 1, 2, 3 with your 2nd dose you may book now)

A booster dose is an additional shot that helps you stay protected against COVID-19. When you get a booster dose, you’re helping protect you and the people around you.

Dates at Salish Centre:

Monday Dec. 6, 2021:  9:30-2:30pm (For Elders)

Tuesday Dec. 7, 2021: 9:30-2:30pm (Whole Community)

Wednesday Dec. 8, 2021: 12:30-6:30pm (Whole Community)

Anyone 18 years or older who Identify as Indigenous and/or reside at Tla’amin or on Tla’amin lands or works at Tla’amin, are welcome to receive the COVID vaccine booster at Tla’amin Health

1. Book your own appointment online at: tlaaminhealth.janeapp.com

2. Call health at 604.483.3009 and we can set up an appointment.

3. Family Champion or Lead: A family member gathers names of those in your      family who want to be vaccinated. Your lead can either book family appointments online or call Tla’Amin Health to book.

Facemask required

Please bring BC Personal Health Card