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A Five Year Comprehensive Nation Plan

təms kʷʊnəmɛn (our vision) is Tla’amin Nation’s five year Comprehensive Nation Plan (CNP). təms kʷʊnəmɛn guides Nation decision-making and spending and shapes all other Nation plans and strategies. 

təms kʷʊnəmɛn was developed with extensive community involvement and adopted by Tla’amin Hegus and Legislature in 2022. It describes Tla’amin Nation responsibilities to our territory and one another, and provides a roadmap to wellness and prosperity for current and future generations.

The Plan has 25 goals organized by Tla’amin’s housepost system of governance and is supported by an annual operational plan.

Implementation of təms kʷʊnəmɛn will be led by elected housepost leaders and departmental directors. Progress will be reported annually to citizens at the Tla’amin general assembly.

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nɩnijɛ tala
Finance and Administration

Community Services

nɩne gɩǰɛ
Lands & Resources

Public Works, Capital & Infrastructure

Economic Development