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ʔayisaθot (Public Works, Capital & Infrastructure)

Housepost Losa Luaifoa and Department Director Carmen Galligos

The ʔayisaθot Housepost supports the critical inner workings of Tla’amin Nation to develop, operate, and maintain the Nation’s public works assets such as housing, water, sanitary sewer, drainage, solid waste, roads, bridges, and community buildings.

GOAL 20 – Enhance the viability and sustainability of Tla’amin housing stock

Our community is diverse and Tla’amin people have different needs. The type of housing available and financing options must reflect this. We will build more housing and reinvest in our existing housing to support our existing residents and Tla’amin people living off-lands who want to live here.

GOAL 21 – Enhance the viability and sustainability of Tla’amin infrastructure and services.

We have the important job of providing safe, reliable infrastructure and essential services to meet the day-today needs of our people. We will implement, monitor, and continue to update our plan and standards to ensure we have the infrastructure we need now to support our growing community and for future generations.

GOAL 22 – Establish and promote financially effective long-term supply chain strategies/models.

The cost of doing business continues to rise and we need to find ways to meet these challenges. We will adopt a practical and efficient process for procuring supplies and services, and executing project delivery by and within the Nation. This will help us be more efficient, and keep money spent circulating within the Nation.

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