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č̓ɛč̓ɛgatawɬ (Community Services)

Housepost Dillon Johnson and Community Service Director Losa Luaifoa, Health Director Marlane Paul

The čɛčɛgatawɬ Housepost supports Tla’amin people to access high quality services and programs to support our cultural, educational, social, and health needs and enhance our quality of life.

GOAL 9 – Integrate ʔayʔaǰuθəm language throughout ʔəms giǰɛ and everything we do.

ʔayʔaǰuθəm represents our unique worldview and relationship with ʔəms giǰɛ as Tla’amin people. We must continue to find ways to use our language in our day-to-day operations to support language revival and celebrate Tla’amin culture. This will help us to maintain strong cultural connections and is foundational to Tla’amin cultural continuity and resurgence.

GOAL 10 – Take care of Tla’amin children.

The relationship with children and future generations is at the centre of Tla’amin worldview. For too long, external agencies have interfered with our sacred relationship with our children. Tla’amin has embarked upon a community-led process of child and family reform, which involves creating space for Tla’amin jurisdiction and creating new structures, processes, and facilities to take care of our children. This will ensure that we have the capacity we need to look after our current and future generations in our own way.

GOAL 11 – Weave wholistic health and wellness into all of our work by implementing the Tla’amin Nation Health & Wellness Plan.

ʔəms taʔow and the wisdom of our ancestors have provided the tools for our health and wellness since time immemorial. ʔəms taʔow tells us that our health and wellness is wholistic and is connected to əms gɩǰɛ and ǰɛʔaǰɛ (our relations), and spans across all stages of life and through generations. Colonial systems were put on us and our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health was interrupted. We recognize that the best health and wellness model is the one we build ourselves, and we will develop and deliver wholistic and inclusive health programs and services integrated within the other cultural and social programs that keep us healthy and well. This will help us know our strength as Tla’amin people and bring wellness into life on a daily basis. Read the Tla’amin Wellness Plan here.

GOAL 12 – Promote community-led sport and recreation programming as a core aspect of Tla’amin identity.

Tla’amin has a long and proud history of excellence in sport and recreation, supported by the Tla’amin Nation and Tla’amin community and family champions and volunteers. We have new and exciting opportunities and facilities that can support us to build upon this proud history. We will expand our community-based programs to ensure that current and new generations of Tla’amin are supported to achieve excellence and well-being through sport and recreation.

GOAL 13 – Improve justice and safety for the community.

Safety is a core human need. Many of our community members do not always feel safe in the Tla’amin community, and do not trust safety and enforcement authorities. We will work together through this complex issue to implement initiatives, programs, and partnerships that support our people to feel safe and secure, and trust processes that support justice and redress.

GOAL 14 – Help all Tla’amin people succeed in their educational journeys.

Education provides Tla’amin people with tools, skills, and credentials that expand their opportunities and support the overall prosperity and success of the Tla’amin Nation. We will improve the experience and achievement of Tla’amin students through enhanced programs and services and improved partnerships and advocacy. This will create a positive, inclusive, and culturally safe environment where Tla’amin people of all ages and interests can learn, discover, and flourish so they can reach their full potential.

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