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nɩne gɩǰɛ (Lands & Resources)

Housepost Erik Blaney and Department Director Denise Smith

The nɩne gɩǰɛ Housepost supports the Tla’amin Nation to responsibly manage our lands and resources on Tla’amin lands within ʔəms giǰɛ (traditional territory) in accordance with ʔəms taʔow and applicable policies and laws.

GOAL 15 – Strengthen our presence and environmental stewardship within ʔəms giǰɛ.

While we have regained authority for some of our traditional lands and waters, ʔəms giǰɛ is large and continues to be faced with development and other environmental pressures. We need to have the structures and policies in place to enable us to exercise our rights, title, and interests. This will enable us to fulfill our responsibility as stewards of our entire territory and homelands.

GOAL 16 – Support Tla’amin people and families to be in relationship with ʔəms giǰɛ.

The health of the land is the health of the people. We rely on our lands, waters, and resources for our cultural identity, economic prosperity, traditional teachings, and health and wellness. We need to ensure that all Tla’amin people and families have opportunities to rebuild, reconnect, and be in relationship with our lands and waters. This will support transmission of ʔəms taʔow and knowledge to future generations.

GOAL 17 – Improve clarity and transparency of decision-making related to the use of Tla’amin lands and resources.

As the stewards of our lands and waters, we all have a vested interest in decisions affecting our territory. We need to create a clear and transparent decision-making process. This will ensure appropriate land use in accordance with ʔəms taʔow now and for future generations.

GOAL 18 – Increase Tla’amin land and resource holdings.

Our treaty restored our stewardship over portions of our ancestral territories but there are additional lands and resources we aim to own, manage, and steward. We need a clear plan, priorities, and resources for acquiring these holdings. We will set aside funding, raise funds, and enter into partnerships to increase our land and resource holdings and influence across our territory.

GOAL 19 – Improve Tla’amin food security.

Tla’amin people flourished and thrived since time immemorial by cultivating, harvesting, and managing our traditional food sources. Colonialism disrupted our traditional food patterns, and the COVID-19 pandemic and impacts of flooding have highlighted how dependent Tla’amin is on external food supply chains and delivery. Tla’amin will implement opportunities to improve food security for Tla’amin people as we continue to plan for the sustainable development of our lands.

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