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nɩnijɛ tala (Finance and Administration)

Housepost Lori Wilson and CAO Richard Gage, CFO Janel Silvey

The nɩnijɛ tala (Finance and Administration) Housepost supports Tla’amin Nation to sustainably grow and maintain sound management of human and financial resources in accordance with Tla’amin Law.

GOAL 5 – Strengthen financial and human resource administration.

Taking only what you need and supporting the well-being of future generations is the Tla’amin way. We will have a clear plan, processes, and policies to ensure responsible growth, budgeting, and administration. Strengthening these functions will support the Nation’s sustainability and long-term prosperity.

GOAL 6 – Support all Tla’amin Nation staff to learn, grow, and work as a team.

Working for the Tla’amin Nation is meaningful, rewarding, and fulfilling. At the same time, the needs and demands of the job can also be challenging. We will support our staff individually and collectively to thrive through teamwork, training and mentorship, and consistent communication. This will support them to do the best job they can for the Tla’amin people, and to feel that Tla’amin Nation is a great place to work.

GOAL 7 – Build up Tla’amin people working at all levels in the Tla’amin Nation.

Tla’amin people supporting other Tla’amin people is a key aspect of our history and taʔow. We will seek to increase the number of Tla’amin people working for our Nation. This will support good representation, rolemodelling, and empowerment for Tla’amin people, and ensure that Tla’amin decisions, policies, and program delivery is aligned with ʔəms taʔow and lived experience.

GOAL 8 – Strengthen Tla’amin’s emergency and pandemic response.

Globalization and climate change are introducing significant new and unexpected emergencies. In the face of these crises, Tla’amin people have pulled together to protect one another and our community. We will continue to draw on our taʔow, while remaining adaptable to the evolving conditions, to develop innovative solutions, support education, and participate in emergency planning and preparedness initiatives. This will help keep Tla’amin people and property safe.

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