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qamɛs (Economic Development)

Housepost Lori Wilson and Tla’amin Management Services

The qamɛs Housepost supports Tla’amin Nation in creating a sustainable economy by providing jobs, business opportunities, and revenues.

GOAL 23 – Increase and diversify own-source revenue consistent with Tla’amin values and good governance.

We have always been a self-sufficient Nation. We need to continue to reclaim our traditional economies and pursue new opportunities consistent with ʔəms taʔow and grounded in engagement with Tla’amin people. We will continue to grow a diverse and sustainable economy to build prosperity now and ensure our future generations are set up for success.

GOAL 24 – Promote and increase support for Tla’amin businesses and entrepreneurs.

Tla’amin people are savvy and hardworking businesspeople and entrepreneurs. They need to feel championed and supported by the Nation. We will support our businesspeople and entrepreneurs. This will help drive our local economy meaning more revenue stays with our people and within our community.

GOAL 25 – Enhance job creation and employment opportunities for Tla’amin people.

Tla’amin and many First Nations people have historically been excluded from the economy in many ways. We will focus on job creation and increase the employment rate amongst Tla’amin people. More Tla’amin people working and earning an income will in turn support our community and create self-sufficient and healthy Tla’amin families and Nation.

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