Tla’amin Cultural Awareness Training
About Lesson

How do we come together and heal the legacy? It will take 7 generations but there are things you can do in your own life to help the process. 

For non-indigenous people wondering what you can do, learning the history of this country, and learning about the history from the indigenous people in the territory you reside is the first stage of understanding. Then comes learning from the teachings of those in whose territory you reside, and applying these teachings in your own lives to live in this land in a good way. Then you can also support and campaign for community initiatives aimed at bringing people together, helping to repair and heal the damage of the past and ensure equality for all. As these lands are not our ancestral homelands, we should be living according to the guidance and wishes of the indigenous people of this territory, and the core values are centered around respect. Respect for self, respect for others, respect for our natural world.