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Culture, Language and Heritage Manager Drew Blaney, and intern Rhys Poole are pictured here with Jasmine Menendez and baby Ollie at the 2023 Fall General Assembly.

Expanded Tla’amin General Assembly calls ʔəms ǰɛǰɛ home 

Executive Council establishes travel subsidy to help Citizens come home.

March 23, 2024

Tla’amin Nation’s Spring General Assembly is scheduled for May 2 & 3, 2024 and will include business and reporting, cultural and social activities, and a traditional feast and social dance. Registration for the assembly will launch April 5, 2024. 

Hegus John Hackett said that the idea for an expanded assembly came from feedback received at the last assembly. “Citizens wanted more time together as Tla’amin people, and not just focused on business.” 

The Spring Assembly will take place in the Tla’amin community of t̓išosəm (tishosum), and a travel subsidy is being offered to off-lands Citizens who would like to make the trip home.

The 2024 Assembly will include up to 20 different workshops and experiences for Tla’amin Citizens including an on the land song sharing experience, cooking classes, walk-thru health check-ups, and the chance to shape a new housing policy. The evening of May 2 will feature a nohom (feast) where Tla’amin will celebrate Treaty Day with traditional foods and culture sharing. 

Hegus John Hackett adds “With this Assembly we are taking a whole Nation approach so that Citizens can have their questions answered in one place, over two days. This unified approach to engagement is based on our value of one-heart, one-mind, one-Nation. Tla’amin Management Services, Health and all departments of the Nation will be present, and we invite our Citizens to please plan to join us for two days of business, culture, and fun.” 

Pre-registration is required and will launch on the Tla’amin website Friday April 5. Registering in advance will allow Citizens to choose workshops ahead of time and indicate a need for travel subsidy and childcare.

By law, Tla’amin is required to hold two general assemblies per year, the Fall Assembly is scheduled for November 7 & 8, 2024.

Questions about the General Assembly can be directed to registration@tn-bc.ca please save the dates of May 2 & 3 and plan to visit www.tlaaminnation.com to register on April 5, 2024.