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What you need to know about getting tested 

  • BC Centre For Disease Control is updating information about when to get tested. In the meantime, to preserve testing capacity, sites may prioritize testing for the following groups:
  • If you have mild symptoms and are fully vaccinated, you do not need a test. Stay home and away from others for five days, and then you can go about your business as long as you’re feeling better and you no longer have a fever or symptoms.
  • If you do not have symptoms of COVID-19, you do not need a test.
  • If you feel unwell and are unsure about your symptoms, contact your health care provider or call 8-1-1

You should continue to seek medical care if you feel you need it.If you find it hard to breathe, have chest pain, can’t drink anything, feel very sick, and/or feel confused, contact your health care provider right away or go to your local emergency department or call 9-1-1.