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Our intention on Monday June 22nd, is that our Governance House will softly re-open to the general public, by following the mandatory provincial guidelines of WORKSAFE-BC. This means that the recommended physical distancing of two meters and other safety measures, will be enforced, to protect the general public and staff, from Covid-19. Please stay away from the Governance House if you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 or experiencing any other cold or flu symptoms. We cannot afford to be complacent, as we move forward into a slow graduation of our re-opening phase.

If appointments are approved by staff, the meeting will be scheduled to be conducted outside the office, in compliance with the physical distancing of two meters. Phone calls and e.mails are encouraged as the preferred choice of communication, and safest way of exchanging information with staff. If the matter can be resolved over the phone, or by email, and other measures of correspondence an appointment will not be necessary. If you decide to be a walk-in you will only have access to the front desk. Nation related payments will be accepted, but please respect the physical distancing warnings posted within the Governance House.

Unfortunately, we are not serving coffee, and the public washrooms will be closed to the outside general public and visitors from our nation.

Your patience, understanding, and appreciation of all of our safety, is a step in the right direction for all of us to ensure a full re-opening in the future.

Please keep informed on our website www.tlaamination.com and our Facebook page.

Thank you

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