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June 19th, 2023

We are asking the community not to Harvest any shellfish in and around the Okeover Inlet.

Tla’amin Lands and Resources Guardian Watchmen have been working with FNHA WATCH Program testing water in differing local areas and today we have tested very harmful toxins in the Okeover Inlet.

If you have harvested anything from Okeover in the last couple of days, we are asking you to not eat, give away or sell these shellfish to anyone. They must be safely discarded back to the beach below the tideline.

We will continue to test the surrounding waters, and we have contacted DFO alerting them of this discovery. Please be aware that by ingesting the shellfish from Okeover right now can cause sickness or worse. We will continue to test and once the toxins have cleared from that area, we will notify the community with an update.

Below is an image put together by our professional consultant Jay Pudota who was working with FNHA and Tla’amin Guardians explaining what was found today June 19, 2023.

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