Date: September 16 2022

This addendum is being issued in response to questions we have received regarding
our Request for Proposals, issued on August 10th 2022.
As a result of this addendum, we will extend the deadline for applicants to modify
or submit a proposal by 4pm on September 29th, 2022.

Questions & Answers:

  1. Will the development connect to existing storm, sanitary, and water mains?
    • Water – yes, new main to tie into existing main. TN to provide engineer with record drawings
    • Sewer – yes, new main to tie into existing system. Some coordination will be required with another engineer who is designing our new forcemain.
    • Storm – no. TN does not have an existing stormwater system beyond ditches. Design will need to accommodate post-development storm run off and not impact properties down gradient. Ditches may be available to tie into depending on your design.
  2. Are there retention/detention requirements for the stormwater runoff?
    • No
  3. Will the road require Curb/gutter and/or sidewalks?
    • Yes. Curb/gutter would be the main priority. Sidewalks if there is room.
  4. Is the landscaping design specifically for the boulevard within the road ROW?
    • Yes. The landscaping design will be only within the ROW. A grading plan is requested for the lots.
  5. Will a grading plan be required for the entire lot of strictly as required for the road and services?
    • A grading plan for the entire Lot will be needed to assess run off and drainage requirements.
  6. Do you have any record drawings of the nearby properties that could be provided?
    • We have record drawings of the water and sewer near the site. We do not have record drawings for the nearby properties through other than legal survey lot lines.
  7. Is there survey of the area available?
    • Not yet. TN will provide this.

For clarity, we have prepared this table below to outline what TN will be responsible for,
and what the successful engineer will be responsible for.

Archaeological PAFRConstruction & Environmental
Management Plan
Arborist ReportLandscaping Plan
Tree RemovalEnvironmental Impact Assessment
Nest SurveySoil Chemistry Report
MOTI ConsultationRoad, Water, Wastewater Design
SurveyDrainage and Grading Design
GIS, Lidar, Legal SurveyStreet Lighting Plan

We require a feasibility study first, then a civil engineered design. We would prefer to
have both phases in 1 contract, dependant on the feasibility.

For questions regarding this addendum, please email publicworks@tn-bc.ca

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