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May 24, 2023

NOTICE: Healthy Living Dividend and Cost-of-living Relief Benefit

Tla’amin Nation Citizens/Members,
As part of the Nation’s efforts to support all Tla’amin citizens/members with the increased cost of living, leadership has approved a one-time benefit to alleviate financial pressures related to COVID-19 and inflation for citizens/members living on and off Tla’amin lands. The one-time benefit is being combined with the Healthy Living Dividend.

Citizens/members will apply for the Healthy Living Dividend and the Cost-of-living Relief Benefit at the same time.

Forms can be submitted by:

  1. Scan and email to dividends@tn-bc.ca
  2. Drop off at Governance House at reception
  3. Fax to 778 762 5027

Direct Deposit Forms:
Yes, new forms/banking information must be submitted with your form, even if you provided it last year and your information has not changed.
čɛčɛhaθɛč for your understanding.

Inquiries: dividends@tn-bc.ca Extension: 122