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We believe in providing early learning experiences that foster every opportunity to learn and have fun. We are working hard at implementing ʔayʔaǰuθəm into every aspect of our days.

Aboriginal Head Start

Tla’amin Nation administers Aboriginal Head Start On Reserve (AHSOR), a program that supports activities and early learning and development for First Nations children from birth to age six and their families at no cost.

Who is Eligible:

Tla’amin Chuys and other First Nation children living in qathet.


To apply, please contact the Early Childhood Education Manager Leslie Louie. Leslie.Louie@tn-bc.ca

Our Programs:

  1. Licensed Infant and Toddler (0-36 mo) titoltolaǰɛ
  2. Licensed Group Childcare poho room: p̓oho (afternoon preschool)
  3. Licensed Group Childcare 3-4 years old, nənqəm room three-year-olds transition here first.
  4. Licensed Group Childcare 3–5-year-old Walking Feet
  5. Early Childhood Outreach and Support
  6. Indigenous Supported Child Development (ISCD)

Our Infant and Toddlers are located at 4915 Salish Drive at the original CDRC Building and the Preschool and Walking Feet classes are located at 4931 Salish Drive @ či čʊy ʔaye (Children’s House) čičuyawtxʷ

Early Childhood Development Outreach Program aims to promote and support healthy development during pregnancy, infancy, and childhood. Services are offered through home and community visits.

Coordinator: Gina Francis gina.francis@tn-bc.ca

  • parent tot groups
  • family friendly activities
  • transportation and support for families to and from appointments
  • Supports transitions of children from class to class and kindergarten
  • Supports for families.
  • Early Learning in classrooms

Indigenous Supported Child Development Program:

Coordinator: Andrea Paquette andrea.paquette@tn-bc.ca

Indigenous Supported Child Development is a community-based program that assists families with children with special needs who require extra support and services.  The program is intended to serve children up to 12 years of age, with some services for youth ages 13 – 19 years.  Participation is voluntary, and parent consent is mandatory.

Our program goal is to increase the family’s knowledge of child development and awareness of support in their community and lower barriers for families.