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Happy New Year!!

ʔi:mot χaws qomay!

We hope this update finds you healthy and safe during this current climate and phase of the pandemic.  We wanted to provide an update regarding the inspections taking place within the community. Many of you may have received calls about inspections, perhaps multiple inspections, for which we will have to postpone for the next two weeks.

The Nation is currently conducting 3 different inspections:

  • Woodstove and chimney inspections – Performed by REDS Heat and Hot Water
  • Health and safety inspections – Performed by BOABC certified inspector Eddy Davis.  The purpose of this inspection is to identify health and safety needs in the home. This allows us to apply for future funding for renovations to complete the repairs needed.
  • Annual tenancy inspections – Performed by Housing and Public Works. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure we are meeting our responsibilities as landlords and tenants are meeting their responsibilities as tenants.

A notice was sent out recently regarding tenancy inspections with a timeframe of 1 week to allow flexibility with tenants’ schedules. Until further notice, all 3 inspections have been postponed. This decision has been made due to the Nation’s return to phase 5 of our Covid Protocol and the recent confirmed case findings in the Qathet region. We will be contacting tenants and homeowners accordingly when we are able to start scheduling inspections again.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Tla’amin Housing Department