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Approved Klahanie Specific Claim Directives
From the Legislature meeting on January 30, 2020

Eligibility Age: All Members/citizens are eligible. For those 18 years old as of the distribution date, a cheque or direct deposit will be provided if a completed application form has been submitted. For those 17 and younger, the distribution will be placed automatically into Trust with the Royal Bank of Canada until the person turns 18 years of age.
A meeting will be held to provide all the information on the Minors’ Trust.

Cut-off Date: It was agreed unanimously by the Legislative Assembly that the eligibility date for the Klahanie Specific Claim settlement be set for September 25, 2019, as of midnight. (September 25 is the day the community voted in favour of accepting the Klahanie Specific Claim Settlement offer from the Federal Government of Canada).
[This section means that, to be eligible, a person MUST have been a member/citizen by midnight on September 25, 2019.]

Dollar amount: The amount of $7500.00 has been approved for a distribution by an Order of the Legislative Assembly: TNO-#01-2020.

Citizens’ (eligibility): All citizens enrolled, or not enrolled (554’s) are eligible for the Klahanie Specific Claim distribution, so long as citizenship or membership was granted on, or before September 25, 2019.

One-time Distribution: It was agreed that the Klahanie Specific Claim distribution for members/citizens be offered one-time only.

Deductions: Members are required to be in continuous “Good Standing” as of September 25, 2019 to receive the full amount of the distribution.

A maximum of $1875, which is 25% of the distribution amount, is authorized to be deducted from a member/citizen who has not been in continuous “Good Standing” since September 25, 2019.


Dividend Form