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Joint Working Group Releases Name Change Report and Calls for Period of Reflection

July 15, 2022

Joint working group report released for qweyqwaystəm (Let’s talk)
community conversation reveals need for further education and dialogue

Mayor David Formosa and Hegus John Hackett today released the Joint Working Group’s
report on a possible name change for the City of Powell River. The report summarizes a sixmonth community qweyqwaystəm (Let’s talk) information and dialogue process and includes 11
recommendations. The process was sparked by Tla’amin Nation’s request to remove the name
“Powell” from the City as part of a commitment to reconciliation and in light of the increasing
social awareness of the truths of colonialism and the harmful legacy the actions of Israel Powell
has had and continues to have on Tla’amin and non-Tla’amin people alike.

The work to develop the report was guided throughout by the spirit of the Community Accord,
including in the framing of recommendations. The report was developed through a consensusbuilding approach amongst the JWG members to identify facts, observations, and
recommendations across the major themes of dialogue that arose through the qweyqwaystəm
(Let’s talk) process. Truths, observations, and recommendations are presented in four areas:
Community Engagement, Relationships and Reconciliation, Racism, and City Name Change.

“We sincerely thank all those who joined us in this shared conversation about our history, place
names, what reconciliation looks like, and where it may lead us,” said Mayor Dave Formosa.
“We know the conversation was challenging at times and we encourage us all to remain
curious, to listen, to share, and continue engaging respectfully to help build understanding.”

“We understand the importance of meaningful collaboration and community dialogue in this
important reconciliation initiative, said Hegus John Hackett. “Harnessing the power of our
Community Accord to take this step toward reconciliation helps showcase the government-togovernment relationship that the City and Tla’amin Nation have achieved over the years. It is
very clear from the community engagement phase that we all have passion for this initiative.
The best step forward is to take some time to review the report and reflect on the hard work of
the Joint Working Group. During this review period I am hopeful that we can reflect on the love
we all have for the beautiful territory we all live in.”

The City and Tla’amin Nation invite everyone to take the time to read the report and join us in a
period of reflection.

The report is available below and here https://powellriver.ca/pages/pnc

Hegus John Hackett & Mayor David Formosa

Download Media Release & Final Report