The Tla’amin Nation elected leadership wanted to share a message with our community regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic (or Corona virus).

We must take this pandemic very seriously as it has spread very quickly taking many lives across the globe. We are doing our best preparing, in the event it does arrive in our community.  By working with our Health staff, and following the advice of Provincial and Federal governments, we can take measures to reduce the risk of this pandemic arriving in Tla’amin traditional territory.

An Emergency Operations Centre has been established to advise the Powell River Region and Sunshine Coast with continual updates as this virus continues to spread.  The Tla’amin Government, qathet Regional District, and the City of Powell River are on level 1, in response to our Emergency Preparedness Plan.     

Please exercise the proper measures to PREVENT any potential spread of the virus. As of today, there are no cases in the Powell River area. But we must act as though it is here already. The virus can go undetected for approximately two weeks before any symptoms are visible. There is not an abundance of tests available in our community. Until we hear otherwise, we must continue to practise social distancing at 6 and a half feet apart, cough and sneeze on your sleeve, and wash your hands every hour. Stay home as much as possible.

Social distancing means not having gatherings that confine people into small spaces where  Corona-19 virus could spread easily. All precautionary measures must be taken to prevent this pandemic from spreading into our community. Remember, the Cornona-19 virus does not discriminate between the elderly and the youth, it targets everyone.

We had too many funeral services since the announcement of this pandemic. The funerals have not been related to the Corona-19 virus at all. As elected leadership our message is “THANK YOU” to the grieving families for taking such great precautionary measures to safeguard our community, from this pandemic nightmare. We offer our heartfelt condolences during these trying times. Stay healthy Tla’amin Nation, Were all in this together!

Lori Wilson, Lands & Resources House post

Hi everyone, as this unprecedented COVID-19 situation continues, it is natural to start feeling some stress and anxiety.  Please follow the rules and keep yourself safe.  It is unknown how long this crisis will last so it is important that you take care of yourself. 

On March 17, 2020 the BC Provincial Government declared a ‘State of Emergency’ from the COVID-19 virus.  On March 18, 2020 the Tla’amin Legislators decided to close all Nation office doors to the public and shifted to phone-call appointments and inquiries only starting March 19, 2020.  To limit the risk of the spread we ask that you communicate with staff in Lands and Resources via phone or email.  Most staff are now supported to work remotely at home except where specific job tasks may require periodic presence in the office to deal with physical files or equipment, or roles that support emergency management.  The Lands and Resource programs will not be issuing any types of harvesting permits until further notice, and our daily operations will be downsized to essential services.  There will not be any community engagement meetings until it is deemed safe to do so from our BC Provincial Health Officer.  We will be monitoring the crisis and will adjust our staff and resources as needed.  I am available at Lori.Wilson@tn-bc.ca or (778) 762-5250 (direct office phone number).

Councillor Larry Louie, Community Programs & Services

Due to Covid-19, this House post is on hold. My main concern is the Health of our Nation. I would just like to reiterate hand washing and the practice of Social Distancing until this important life-threatening virus passes.

I cannot emphasize this enough: hand sanitizing.  Health Canada says to sanitize your hands every hour, plus, refrain from touching your face eyes, mouth. 

The more preventative measures that we practice now during this CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) epidemic, the sooner we can return to our normal lives.  PLEASE, Mothers take extreme care of your children, read to them and play with them. Grandparents, please do not hesitate to call for help, my phone number 1- 604-788-3036 or home: 604-483-4437.

We will overcome this, as we always have…EMOTE

Councillor Tyrone Wilson, Public Works

I just want to express my concerns throughout these trying times with COVID-19 being spread world-wide & the fact that we’ve had to endure the loss of three members of our community.  We are living through trying times at the moment as a Nation but through all of these trying times, I encourage all of you to stand strong as family and bond and help each other out.  Check up on our Elders frequently and make sure they have the medications they need and food as well as other resources.  Let our cultural ways shine through and help us to take care of each other for a better tomorrow.  Our ways will help our people see the end of this pandemic when a cure (vaccine) for COVID-19 is created.  Then we can move forward as one community for equality of life for everyone.  I wish you all well & safety & take care of each other! EMOTE

Councillor John Steven Hackett, Finance & Administration

Tla’amin Nation, first, I would express my condolences to everyone in the community with the passing of three of our elders. These past few weeks have been unprecedented with the Covid-19 virus. It is very important to follow the sanitation recommendations, which one of them is to wash your hands and do not touch around your face.  Social isolation is a challenge but a crucial step from spreading or contaminating other people. If you have and elder in your family or anyone who needs help… check on them by giving them a call, or FaceTime is always fun (to see each other’s bushy hair) Be safe and best wishes to everyone, Emote

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