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Hello Citizens,

We are happy to finally announce the launch of our own dedicated website for the Qamɛs ʔəms tala Settlement Trust.  This improves our ability to be more accessible and informative to all of you and provides to you a way of connecting back to us.

Go to: www.tlaamintrust.com for all the latest news and information on the Trust.

You can also find the link via the Tla’amin Nation website: https://tlaaminnation.com

Notice:  Our annual AGM has been scheduled for June 28th, 2021 via livestream at 5:30 pm.  Mark your calendars.  The link will be on the website.

ʔi mot

The Trustees for the Qamɛs ʔəms tala Settlement Trust

Kristi Thiele Treasurer, Ann Paul Secretary, Alisha Point, Alex Hugenschmidt, Beth Harry