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The Emmonds Beach situation has raised many issues regarding Tla’amin ancestral remains and artifacts. We are aware that at various points in history it was considered acceptable or even trendy to ‘collect’ these items without perhaps realizing the implications.

Residents in the area may have the sacred skulls or bones or cherished possessions or artifacts of our ancestors sitting on their hearths or in their garages or attics as a result of collecting that took place in the past.
We are at a different point in history now and we appreciate that our neighbours are becoming more educated and respectful about our ancestors and culture. We are offering a no-questions-asked opportunity for anyone to return these items.

We would welcome a delivery by anyone to our Administration Building located at 4779 Klahanie Drive. Or we can arrange to pick items up – please contact Drew (number below) if that is your wish. Also, please feel free to ask a friend or commission a taxi to make an anonymous delivery. However, any artifact that may be transported, we ask that extreme care be taken.

If you have any questions, please contact Drew Blaney at 778.762.5026

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