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Tla’amin Nation proposes small update to Election Law to reflect our Ta-ow

The Tla’amin Nation Government will be making a very minor change to the Election Law to be more consistent with our teachings about loss, grieving and conducting business.

This term our Nation has suffered the loss of two respected legislators, Tyrone Wilson and Vern Pielle. We again share our deepest condolences with the families of these leaders.

Under our current law the Nation must hold a nomination meeting within two weeks of the passing of our elected leadership. This usually means holding a nomination meeting the week after the funeral service. Consensus amongst our leadership is that this is too fast and not consistent with our Ta-ow.

Tla’amin government is proposing that the timeline be extended, as shown in the highlight below. Under the proposed change to the election law, the nomination meeting would now take place 6 weeks after losing a respected leader.


Division 1 – Election Dates

Date for general elections

1. (1) A general election for Hegus and Legislators may only be called by the Executive Council for a date in the six month period after 42 months have passed from the start of a term of the Legislative Assembly.

(1) The Executive Council must give at least 90 days’ notice of the date a general election will be held by posting notices of the general election.

By-election for Hegus or Legislator

2. (1) If a vacancy occurs in the office of an elected official, the Executive Council must

(a) set a date for a by-election to fill the vacancy for the balance of the term that is within 90 121 days of when the vacancy occurred, and

(b) post notices of the by-election,

except where subsection (2) applies.

(2) If the vacancy occurs more than 42 months after the start of a term of the Legislative Assembly, no by-election will be called to fill the vacancy.

(3) If a general election is called after a date has been set for a by-election, the Executive Council must cancel the by-election by notice in writing posted in accordance with the regulations.

Any questions or comments about this proposed change can be sent to heyhegus@tn-bc.ca


Tla’amin Legislators