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qatᶿɛnxegəs is the theme for 2024 Indigenous Day Celebrations 

The public is invited to a family-friendly celebration and ball hockey tournament at tišosem

May 29, 2024

On June 21st, Tla’amin Nation will host an Indigenous Peoples Day celebration and ball hockey tournament at its waterfront park at tišosem.  This year’s theme is qatᶿɛnxegəs (qats-sun-wheegus), which means to unite or come together. 

“The countdown is on to Indigenous Peoples Day, and Tla’amin looks forward to hosting a great celebration this year,” said Hegus John Hackett. “In the spirit of our theme of qatᶿɛnxegəs we invite our community members and our neighbours from qathet to join us in celebrating who we are as Tla’amin people and to honor our history and present-day culture, language and teachings.”

The celebration will happen June 21 from 3:30-8:00 PM and is open to the public. It will include a drum jam to share and teach Tla’amin songs, information booths, food vendors and activities for children. 

The third annual Thichum Cup ball hockey tournament runs from June 21-23, with the children’s mini cup (ages 5-13) on June 21 from 5-8 PM. The annual ball hockey tournament has a long and meaningful history in the community. Tla’amin citizen Sam Hackett organized the first memorial tournament in 2009 to honor Adam Louie and Lloyd Hackett, and the tournament was rekindled post-Covid with the help of Johnson Adams. 

“Thichum Forestry is proud to host this annual event in the Tla’amin community and to pay respect to and carry on the tradition started so many years ago,” said Adam Culos, General Manager of Thichum Foresty. “The qatᶿɛnxegəs (unite) theme of this year’s tournament is perfect,” Culos continued, “Now more than ever, our communities can use a good reason to get together and have fun, play some ball hockey, and enjoy some food.” 

Tla’amin Nation and Thichum Forestry thank our tournament sponsors: In Situ Archaeology, Aero Services, Clark Wilson, Dawn Construction, Jepson Mobile Booming & Bundling, Modern Windows, Pete’s Plumbing, Pilldolla Creek Contracting, PR Equipment Rentals, Relay Rentals, River City Mini Excavating, Sitka Mechanical Ltd, Tla’amin Lake Contracting, Thunder Bay Tugs Ltd & WINMAR.

Get involved.
There are several ways to get involved in Indigenous Peoples Day this year.

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Indigenous Peoples Day is observed across Canada on June 21 and was established in 1996 to celebrate and recognize the cultures and contributions of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples. It coincides with the summer solstice, a day of cultural significance for the Tla’amin Nation as it marks the transition from one season to the next. Indigenous Peoples Day marks the beginning of the busiest season, a time for gathering and working hard to prepare for fall and winter.


Davis McKenzie

qatᶿɛnxegəs – Indigenous Peoples Day at tišosem

Location: 4829 Waterfront Rd, qathet, BC V8A 0B9

Time: 3:30 – 8:00 PM


  • Information Booths (learn about Tla’amin culture, language, and people)
  • Participate in a Drum Jam and learn some Tla’amin songs
  • Games and bouncer for children
  • Enjoy a salmon and Bannock appetizer
  • Visit art and food vendors


3:30 PM- Opening 

  • Prayer 
  • Welcome song
  • Leadership remarks

4:00 PM- Drum Jam 

5:00 PM- 8:00 PM Children’s hockey tournament, DJ’s, vendors

Event reminders

  • Parking is limited; please carpool if you can / park up by the firehall and walk down
  • Bring your own chair, as seating is limited
  • Bring Cash! Not all vendors can accept electronic payment

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