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What is the qathet Regional Housing Needs Assessment?

The Province requires local governments in BC to complete a 5-year housing needs assessment by April 2022. To meet this requirement, qathet Regional District, City of Powell River, and Tla’amin Nation have partnered to complete a Regional Housing Needs Assessment.

The qathet Regional Housing Needs Assessment will:
– Help provincial and local governments to better understand and address housing shortages;
– Inform decision-making to enable access to safe and stable housing; and
– Provide strategies that reflect the unique needs of each community and the region as a whole.

If you live in qathet Region, Powell River, or Tla’amin Nation, we need your help!

Assessment objectives
• Reflect the needs of the community;
• Meet the physical requirements for a variety of ages and abilities;
• Protect vulnerable populations from housing loss; and
• Keep housing affordable for all.

Opportunities to participate
Community input will be gathered through:
• Virtual and/or in-person Open Houses
• Stakeholder and community interviews
• Community survey (online and in print)

Expected project outcomes
• Identify housing types and number of units needed for our communities;
• Build a plan to meet demand for current and future market and non-market housing, as well as emergency facilities;
• Form a strategy to protect and maintain public and private rental housing;
• Identify barriers to and provide guidance on increasing housing accessibility;
• Develop actions to reduce homelessness throughout the region; and
• Cultivate support on the importance of developing affordable housing.

To learn more about the project and find ways to participate online and in-person call 1-800-764-2218 or visit www.ParticipatePR.ca

Your input is vital to help us understand your housing needs!

Download Flyer PDF

Download Survey PDF

There are prizes for participation!! (10x $25 gift cards to give away to Tla’amin Members)