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Call for Interest:   Member of Review & Appeal Panel

The Review and Appeal Panel plays an important role in the governance of the Tla’amin Nation. Members of the Panel will be recognized, appreciated and compensated for their time. Being a member of the Panel is not expected to be a significant time commitment. Members of the Panel will be provided honoraria for their time, along with reimbursement of reasonable expenses.

In accordance with the Tla’amin Review and Appeal Law (“the Law”), the Tla’amin Nation is seeking interested persons to replace a member of the Panel who is stepping down.

The Law describes the composition of the Panel, how members are appointed, removed, their term, and the duties of the chairperson. The Law also identifies the specific decisions that the Panel may be requested to review and hear appeals on:

  • Appeals of certain Citizenship, enrolment and election decisions;
  • Disputes regarding removal of members of the Economic Development Committee or the Operating Board(s);
  • Determination with respect to conflicts of interest of elected officials;
  • Appeals of findings with respect to wrongdoings of elected officials;
  • Reviews of dispositions and trespass respecting Tla’amin Lands;
  • Reviews of compensation for expropriation respecting Tla’amin Lands;
  • Determinations with respect to recall of elected official petitions;
  • Resolution of disputes among Tla’amin entities; and,
  • Additional responsibilities as may be assigned by the Tla’amin Government.

How do I apply?

Please submit an application by May 24, 2019 at 4 P.M. to Rod Allan, CAO, Tla’amin Nation at rod.allan@tn-bc.ca or at the Tla’amin Nation office – 4779 Klahanie Road.  Please include the following:

(a)        A cover letter that explains why you think you would be a good candidate;

(b)       Your resume.

Selected candidates must undergo a satisfactory criminal record check, at the Nation’s cost. If you have any questions, please contact Losa Luaifoa, Executive Assistant, at 604-483-9646, Ext 124 or losa.luaifoa@tn-bc.ca.

Thank you for your interest.

Download RA Panel call for member-2019 [PDF]