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The Tla’amin Nation is working on a Child and Family Services Reform (CWR), and exercising its inherent jurisdiction to do so.

As a part of this process, Tla’amin Health is seeking proposals from consultants for a Technical Team that offers:

1) Strategic planning: Create an 18-month plan and long-term master plan including a resource forecast, material and resource costs and a schedule and working in partnership with the Child Welfare Reform Coordinator (CWRC) and CWR Working Group (CWRWG)

2) Legal support: Provide legal expertise to the Tla’amin Nation and support the implementation of next steps based on that guidance. Collaborate with the CWRC for concepts, priorities, and language to be used in any policies or laws.

3) Implementation support: Support the CWRC and Tla’amin Nation to implement the plan as it is being developed, given the time-sensitive nature of this work. This will include creating a partnership table with the Provincial and Federal Governments.

4) Community engagement: Without replicating previous or current efforts, engage with thought-leaders, Elders, front-line practitioners, and community members to inform this work.
a. Identify all the project Stakeholders requiring consultation

5) Evaluation support: Provide ongoing, culturally-guided evaluation of the process.

6) Project management: Manage all of the above roles, and liaise between the Technical Team, CWRC, and Tla’amin Nation regularly.

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