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The Tla’amin Nation leadership have been taking all of the warnings and precautions regarding COVID19 very seriously. And we want to thank our community members for doing the same and being very responsible in taking all of the preventative measures to help ensure the safety of their family and friends within our community. However, because there is a small group of people that are not doing the same, we feel that there is a need to step up the prevention measures by only allowing local traffic into our community. Signage at the beginning of each road is being installed.

Essential services such as fire and ambulance services, bus transit, Canada Post, prescriptions, food delivery, house and yard maintenance will be acceptable. Please advise your provider to ensure delivery of services.

We are an isolated region with a vulnerable population. Like many coastal towns, we have limited health resources and our residents are at a high risk should they be exposed.

Thank you for keeping our community safe during Covid-19

For more information please visit our website at www.tlaaminnation.com or send an e.mail to reception@tn-bc.ca

Tla’amin Legislature and Executive Council

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