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Tla’amin Members

Tla’amin Nation Education will be issuing a school supplies allowance to each child who is registered with the Tla’amin Nation. The child must be registered for school and in grades K-12 to be eligible. This includes children who live on and off Tla’amin Lands.

For grades K-7,

*James Thomson Elementary students*- please note that James Thomson School will be providing all necessary school supplies for students. So a cheque will not be issued for James Thompson students

For grades K-12,

Students who are registered in School District 47 (except James Thomson), Assumption School, Christian School, or The French School will receive $125.00

 (A Cheque or Direct Deposit if you provide banking information)

Members who reside off Tla’amin Land

If you reside off-Tla’amin Lands, it is your responsibility to ensure your completed form has been received by the Tla’amin Administration with your current mailing address to Louise Dominick email at postsec@tn-bc.ca or fax to 1-778-762-3713.

The deadline for applications for the school supplies allowance to be accepted up to FINAL deadline is September 3rd 2019 for the 2019-2020 academic year:

Release dates are as follows:

August 2nd 2019

August 9th 2019

August 16th 2019

August 23rd 2019

August 30th 2019

September 6th 2019