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Tla’amin Nation will be processing school supply total of $125.00 for school supplies to each child who is registered on the Tla’amin list who are in grades K-12. The child must be registered for school and only grades kindergarten-12 is eligible.

This includes who live on and off reserve.

If you reside off-reserve, it is your responsibility to ensure your completed form has been received by the Tla’amin Nation Administration with your current mailing address.

The first round of applications for the school supplies allowance will be accepted until Tuesday August 2nd, 2022,at NOON SHARP .and cheques/direct deposits will be issued on starting Friday  

If you miss this deadline, second round of School Supplies Allowance applications will be accepted the following week.

This will continue until September 9th, 2022

No cheques or direct deposit will be issued in between these dates or upon demand Please complete the School Supplies form on the back cover of flyer and submit to the Tla’amin Nation front desk or email it to Louise Dominick- postsec@tn-bc.ca or fax to 1-778-762-3713.

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