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We are aware of the frustration some of you are experiencing with trying to get new or replacement status cards. This update is to let you know why that is, and what you need to do.

The Canadian Government is phasing in the new plastic Secure Certificate of Indian Status Cards. All of the old laminated cardboard status cards are useable only until they reach their expiry date.

We are NOT able to get any more of the old style cards, so when your card is getting close to expiry you are encouraged to contact the Band office, and we will help you with the application for the new card. The new cards can only be provided by the Government, which is why you will need to apply. Once you get a new card, it will be a lot more secure than the old kind, and is good for 10 years. It typically takes about six weeks from the time of application for your card to arrive.

Application forms are available at the Sliammon Band Office or you can go online at:



Click on “Indian Status” and then on “Secure Certificate of Indian Status”. Anyone needing assistance in filling out these forms can call the Sliammon Band Office. You will need to enclose two passport photos and your original birth certificate with this application. Your birth certificate will be returned to you.

Please understand that these are not our rules – they are AANDC’s. We apologize for the inconvenience and confusion.