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təm kʷaθ nan Documentary Film wins $156k funding boost from TELUS

Film documenting Tla’amin Nation request for city name change to be released June 2025

təm kʷaθ nan crew Claudia Medina, Angela Kendall and Eileen Francis prepare for an interview outside Tla’amin Governance House.

May 16, 2024

Tla’amin Territory – In ʔayʔaǰuθəm, təm kʷaθ nan (tum kwuth nun) means “What is your name?” This is the question that a new documentary film being produced by the Tla’amin Nation asks of a region and its residents.

The film documents the Tla’amin Nation’s request that the City of Powell River change its name.

The city is named after Israel Wood Powell who served as B.C.’s Superintendent of Indian Affairs for 17 years. Powell was instrumental in the establishment of Indian Residential Schools, the banning of the potlatch and the theft of Tla’amin territory (lot 450). In May 2021, Tla’amin Nation asked the city to remove the name Powell from the city.

təm kʷaθ nan has been in production since 2022 and hundreds of hours of interviews and footage have already been captured. Through insightful interviews, Tla’amin oral history, archival imagery, heated and moving community engagement events, and powerful footage of support for and against this request, a local story with national relevance will be told. 

TELUS announced Tla’amin’s $156k grant as part of its latest tranche of TELUS Originals funding.
Cameron Zinger, Director TELUS Local Content and Executive in Charge of Production for TELUS originals said “TELUS is proud to support təm kʷaθ nan (Namesake) this important film undertaken by the Tla’amin Nation, which brings to life the importance of our shared history and names and language in understanding Tla’amin’s territory. Truth telling is necessary to advancing Truth and Reconciliation and creating an inclusive future in this country, a commitment that is embedded in our organization and we look forward to the impactful storytelling that will unfold through this film.”

The film is directed by Tla’amin citizens Eileen Francis and Dr. Evan Adams and produced by Tla’amin Nation.  

“I didn’t expect documenting this process to turn into a feature length documentary,” said Director Eileen Francis. “But with the support of my Nation, allied filmmakers, and TELUS Originals I hope to provide a glimpse into the community I’ve grown up with. A community that deeply supports each other and a history that we all carry – both the good and bad. This documentary will enlighten those who grew up in this region to the 10,000 plus years of rich history that lay in this land.”

Hegus John Hackett of Tla’amin Nation says that the TELUS funding will help the Nation to document this moment comprehensively and for perpetuity.

“təm kʷaθ nan will provide us a social and historical record during an unprecedented time of change in this region,” said Hegus John Hackett. “This film is shaping up to be a real eye-opener and I suspect it will put our town and this issue on the map nationally and globally.  Closer to home, this film provides an important legacy of resistance and resilience that future generations will be proud of.”

təm kʷaθ nan will be released in June of 2025.

Download a pdf – təm kʷaθ nan Documentary Film wins $156k funding boost from TELUS


Davis McKenzie

List of Key Creatives

  • t̓agəm Eileen Francis, Producer/Co-Director, is the filmmaker and IT Technician for the Tla’amin Nation, recording for future generations.
  • Dr. Tlesla Evan Adams, Producer/Co-Director/Narrator is an Tla’amin citizen, actor, writer, director and medical doctor.
  • Peg Campbell, Producer/Writer/Story Editor is a documentary and narrative filmmaker, whose work has received international acclaim.
  • Claudia Medina, Producer/Camera/Editor makes films through her production company, EnMedia. She produces media with the goal of creating possibilities for reconnection in times of crisis.
  • Angela Kendall, Producer/Camera/Editor brings extensive experience in television, documentary, and commercial media production. Her focus is on crafting socially impactful documentaries that inspire positive change in the world.
  • Davis McKenzie, Producer/Marketing, is a Tla’amin citizen and Director of Communications for the Tla’amin Nation.
  • Emily White, Producer, is Tla’amin’s Treaty Implementation and Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator and is from Klahoose and Tla’amin Nations.