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yiq̓ aɬɛt – Accountability 

  • Take what you can use and learn from every experience and criticism. 
  • Expect more of yourself than you do of others. 
  • Take responsibility for, and fix, your mistakes to make yourself a better person. 

qwɛqwaystowɬ – Communication 

  • Always be careful of your words because they can be like weapons and can never be erased. 
  • Consultation must be meaningful, significant, and inclusive.
  • Respect the teachings of others, even when you do not agree. 
  • Listen and learn first and speak last.

ƛasəm qwayigən – Discipline 

  • Be an asset to your family and your people in the best way you know how through hard work. 
  • Every day brings a new lesson and an opportunity to make things better. 
  • Be self-sufficient; do not rely on others to take care of you.
  • Make your mind and body strong so that you can overcome obstacles. 

θaθxwɩn – Fairness 

  • Don’t choose favourites among your children or your people. Ensure that they are treated equally. 
  • Be transparent in your deeds; people need to witness how things work. 
  • Holding on to grudges and anger only comes back to hurt you later. 

gənaxwuθ – Honesty 

  • Be true to yourself and others.
  • Don’t participate in gossip because you do not know if it is true. 
  • Intellect should never overshadow wisdom and common sense. 

pit qwayɛgəns – Humility 

  • Never praise yourself; if you are truly great, others will do that for you. 
  • Judge yourself first and learn from your mistakes. 
  • Have compassion for the plight of others; you have not lived their experience. 
  • Do not make fun of other people or similar bad things might happen to someone
    you love. 

tiyhɛgən mɛtəm – Integrity 

  • Be a living example of the change you want to see in others. 
  • Trust is earned; make sure you are worthy of it. 
  • You have only one reputation; it should honour your Ancestors. 

tiystəm – Respect 

  • Your everyday life should reflect your traditional teachings. 
  • Teach your children to behave appropriately toward other people and in public so they will carry your values. 
  • Honour our ancestors and our connection to the territory in all of our work. 
  • Keep our children at the forefront of our planning and decision-making in order to ensure a sustainable future. 

ʔaʔaθəm – Sharing 

  • Interdependence and cooperation are what give us the strength to achieve great things together. When we share, we are not wasteful. 

χaχgiyanən – Spirituality 

  • Remember where you come from and that all things in Tla’amin territory have a soul and a purpose for being here. 
  • Strive for balance with your surroundings.