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Where the road ends, the fun begins, in comfort, culture and style at the Lund Resort at KLA AH MEN. In this scenic location, a short walk up the road from the marina and gas dock you will find the Stock Pile Market, our fuel dock, and the 101 Pub & Lund Resort at KLA AH MEN.

This unique position requires a Red Seal certified Chef, who has significant experience running complimentary businesses like the Stockpile, its’ associated Fuel Dock, and the 101 Pub.

We are looking for a skilled and customer service-oriented Kitchen and Facilities Manager, to oversee the daily operations of our store, fuel dock, pub, and hotel. As the K&F Manager, you will supervise the employees and operational standards of the site. Your duties will include undertaking administrative tasks, monitoring inventory levels, budgeting, HR, and contributing to the development of business, marketing and financial strategies.


  • Planning daily scheduling needs and overseeing labor optimization practices for the Stockpile convenience store, the fuel dock and associated activities.
  • Managing and motivating the entire team to achieve budgeted goals and ensure operational efficiency
  • Ensuring the store operation objectives relative to Standard Operating Procedures are consistently met
  • Coordinating activities associated with product merchandising, loss prevention and inventory controls
  • Ensuring optimum customer service standards are maintained with customers, community and suppliers
  • Developing sales and marketing campaigns focused on increasing sales and exposure for the store
  • Providing management with information vital to current and future decision-making processes
  • Managing the inventory ordering, delivery and sales cycle of all products being sold
  • Assessing current retail trends and offering recommendations for improvements in products and procedures
  • Evaluating the efficiencies of the POS and making procedural adjustments as may be required
  • Developing and monitoring business performance metrics and providing comprehensive managerial reporting 
  • Providing a safe and clean environment to consistently protect staff and customers
  • Hiring, training and retaining skilled retail staff
  • Ensuring appropriate health & safety standards and food safe protocols are maintained at all times

RESPONSIBILITIES – Lund 101 Pub and Hotel

  • Control and direct the food preparation process and any other relative activities
  • Construct menus with new or existing culinary creations ensuring variety and food quality
  • Ensure quality control oversight of dishes before they reach the customer
  • Plan orders of equipment or ingredients according to identified shortages
  • Arrange for repairs when necessary and remedy any equipment problems or defects
  • Take a leadership role of hiring, managing and training all kitchen staff
  • Oversee the work of subordinates and accurately account for staff workloads
  • Assist in controlling and analyzing quality levels of products, service and guest satisfaction
  • Manage revenues and expenses associated with kitchen operations
  • Direct kitchen operations, including food preparation, cooking, and cleanup
  • Collaborate with the general manager to align kitchen operations with the overarching goals of the establishment
  • Make sure that all kitchen and wait staff adhere to food safety and hygiene regulations to ensure a clean and sanitary kitchen
  • Manage shift scheduling and maintain records of payroll and attendance
  • Comply with nutrition, sanitation regulations and safety standards
  • Foster a climate of cooperation and respect between co-workers
  • Design new recipes, planning menus, and selecting plate presentations
  • Consistently review staffing levels to meet service, operational, and financial objectives
  • Perform administrative tasks associated with inventory, supplies and purchase orders
  • Set and monitor performance standards for staff, with a focus on development and training
  • Obtain feedback on food and service quality and managing customer concerns
  • Purchase coordination and control of inventory for all food preparation cost centers
  • Oversee negotiation of supplier arrangements for food and beverage products
  • Review financial statements and be aware of current financial and operational status
  • Review “Cost of Goods Sold Percentage” and develop plans to manage the food COGS relative to budgets.


  • Red Seal Chef’s Certification
  • Significant Management experience
  • High School Diploma or equivalent qualification and experience combined
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or relevant field preferred
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience working in a retail environment, ideally in a managerial role
  • Strong leadership and customer management abilities
  • Proficiency with Point of Sales Systems
  • Proficient with Microsoft Excel, Office Word, and Outlook
  • A degree of satisfactory cultural competency and knowledge of First Nations communities

Please submit the following for consideration

  1. Cover Letter:
  2. Resume

Applications can be submitted to TMSLP Administration at jobs@tmslp.ca

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