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Tuesday, April 5 is Tla’amin Day.  It is a day for Tla’amin citizens and our friends and neighbours to recognize the effective date of the Tla’amin Treaty. It is a day to reflect on our reconciliation journey with the City, the Regional District, the Province, the Federal Government, and with all of the people who live in our territory.

In the years before COVID-19, Tla’amin Nation has welcomed our neighbours and the broader community to celebrate this important day alongside us – to share in the spirit of freedom and reconciliation, and to stand in unity with a commitment to build a brighter future for our children and our grandchildren. We look forward to celebrating together again when the time is right.

This year, we will recognize Tla’amin Day with very mixed emotions because our community, our families and our children are experiencing a rise in racism and discrimination right here at home– it is in our schools, our daycares, our libraries, our doctors offices, our grocery stores, and in all levels of government. It is all around, all of the time.

Despite recent progress in our relationship, regrettably, on Tla’amin Day, the City will provide a platform for ignorance and historical revisionism that continues to harm our community.  Tomorrow, on Tla’amin Day, instead of standing up for truth and justice, and instead of honouring its commitment to UNDRIP and the TRC Calls to Action, the City will help perpetuate ongoing harm and suffering to our community by giving voice to ignorance and shoring up the colonial status quo. We encourage city councillors to stand alongside Tla’amin Nation and choose reconciliation.

Tomorrow, on Tla’amin Day, we will stand tall, we will honour our ancestors, we will support our Elders and families (šɛgətštəm təms ƛaχƛaχay hɛga ǰɛʔaǰɛ), and we will continue our journey towards healing,  truth, justice, and reconciliation with one heart, one mind, and as one Nation.

Tomorrow, on Tla’amin Day, we humbly ask for your understanding, your respect, and your support in our healing journey.  We humbly ask you to join us on our pathway to reconciliation with your voices, your open minds, and your open hearts. 

čɛčɛhatanapɛč (I honour you all),

Hegus John Hackett

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