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Tla’amin Nation Citizens are invited to join our Live Elk Draw 

When is the draw? 

Friday, August 18th, 2023, at 10:00am 

Where is the draw? 

The TN Governance House in the Council Chambers Meeting Room 

How many Elk are available for Tla’amin Citizens? 

8 Elk 

How many Elk are available for Tla’amin Community Food Security? 

7 Elk  

What if I win a tag but can’t hunt? 

Each winner who meets the entry requirements has the right to designate a PAL carrying person to hunt in their stead. The designate must be identified in person at the Government Building within 48 hours of notification of winning. 

How will the draw be fair? 

Tla’amin Nation staff will follow the Elk Allocation Policy to ensure a fair and equitable draw. 

Our local Conservation Officer Leyland Klassen will be with us to go over the rules and regulations and expectations. Also, he will be ready to answer any questions or concerns as well. 

Can I provide feedback? 

Yes, please email heyhegus@tn-bc.ca  or april.treakle@tn-bc.ca