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Tla’amin Nation not eligible for Drinking Water Claim

February 26, 2024

Tla’amin Nation issues this statement to confirm that a Federal Drinking Water Class Action Lawsuit does not apply to Tla’amin Nation.

The Class Action Lawsuit is being widely advertised on television and radio and creating some confusion in the community.

The lawsuit only applies to First Nations who experienced yearlong drinking water advisory between 1995 and 2021. The list of eligible First Nations who meet this criteria can be found here: https://firstnationsdrinkingwater.ca/index.php/who-can-submit/#eligibilitylists

Tla’amin is not on the list of eligible Nations and has not experienced a drinking water advisory of this duration. 

“We are thankful we enjoy access to clean drinking water in our territory,” said Hegus John Hackett. “Our own Tla’amin water treatment plant has been doing a great job to deliver us safe and clean drinking water for the last 26 years. Our hands are raised to the dedicated staff who monitor and care for the water coming from our taps.”

­For questions about our water please write to water@tn-bc.ca.