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Tla’amin Nation Update on Integrated Resource Management Plan and Old Growth Harvest

September 29, 2021 – Tla’amin, British Columbia – In July 2021, Tla’amin Nation (“Tla’amin”) and Western Forest Products Inc. (“Western”) announced the signing of a Renewal Agreement, the initiation of a Tla’amin-led collaborative Integrated Resource Management Plan (IRMP) covering the entire Tla’amin Territory, and a pause on falling in three old growth blocks (>250 years) that were underway. A backgrounder on the announcement provides an overview of the initiatives the parties are working on together.

While collaborative IRMP discussions continue, Western will implement limited and short-term removal of the identified timber that was felled prior to the pause announced in July, and Western will not initiate new harvesting in Block 1 stands classified as old growth (>250 years).

While Tla’amin does not support any new occurrences of old growth harvesting, the Nation has provided consent to Western to remove previously felled timber in order to ensure long term sustainability of our forest resources. The removal of previously felled timber will allow reforestation and regeneration of healthy forests for future generations.

Tla’amin Nation forestry staff are closely engaged with Western in the planning and on-the-ground monitoring of previously felled inventory in these cut blocks to ensure that work is completed in alignment with Tla’amin values and interests.

A community engagement session on the IRMP in early September was postponed due to the rise in Covid19 numbers and is anticipated to be rescheduled for this fall. Notice of a new date will be shared in the next couple of weeks.

About Tla’amin Nation
The Tla’amin Nation is a modern, forward-thinking First Nation Government at an exciting point in its history. In April 2016, the community became self-governing through the Modern Treaty Process. The community resides in the qathet North District, along Highway 101. The Tla’amin Nation has a rich heritage that stretches back since time immemorial and is guided by its ta’ow (teachings) enshrined in its Constitution and Governance Structure.

For further information, please contact:
Steve Gallagher
Communications Coordinator, Tla’amin Nation, nehmotl@tn-bc.ca