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Tla’amin Management Services LP
Call for interest; Join us on this exciting journey

Our Vision
To be leaders in sustainable business in the region

Our Mission
To create responsible and profitable business

TMSLP is mandated to generate revenue streams to
foster economic and social betterment of Tla’amin
people according to our Taʔow (teachings). We are
committed to establishing a strong economic
foundation and providing effective management of
Tla’amin assets and services through in-depth
planning, strong leadership and administration, and
strategic partners.

Existing businesses include:

  1. Thichum Forest Products LP
  2. Tla’amin Resorts & Accommodations LP
  3. Pa’aje Shellfish LP
  4. Tla’amin Land Development LP
  5. Tla’amin Capital Assets LP

Tla’amin Management Services LP (TMSLP), is currently seeking interest from professional individuals to actively
participate as Operating Board members.

The key governance functions of the Boards include:

  1. Approve Tla’amin Management Services LP strategic vision
  2. Prepare a multi-year Business Development plan
  3. Approve and monitor the Group of Businesses financial/operational plans;
  4. Set and maintain organization and operational performance goals for TMSLP;
  5. Provide for an objective evaluation of the performance of Directors;
  6. Monitor the effectiveness of the TMSLP’s governance practices; and
  7. Provide evaluation of the Senior Manager.

TMSLP Board members require a broad range of skills and
experience. The competencies sought include:
• Degree or Designation with extensive experience in any of the following areas:
Business/Finance/Human Resources/Capital Planning/Forestry/Tourism & Hospitality;
• Experience in strategic planning, financial planning and community development;
• Demonstrated board experience is an asset;
• A high degree of satisfactory cultural competency and knowledge of First Nations communities
, Need to complete a criminal record check; and
Applicants will be shortlisted for additional discussions with final nomination by the TMSLP Holdings
Board. The ultimate selection of Board members will be conducted collectively to ensure that the Board
as a whole reflects a broad range of skills and experience.

The following will not be considered for appointment as a TMSLP Director:

  1. An existing TMSLP Staff member
  2. An existing service provider/vendor to TMSLP or the Nation
  3. Individuals currently proposing or negotiating a partnership with TMSLP or the Nation
  4. Individuals with personal or financial relationships to a current partner or vendor to TMSLP
    or the Nation
  5. An elected official of Tla’amln Government, City of Powell River or qathet Regional District

Please submit the following for consideration:

  1. A cover letter that explains why you would be a good candidate
  2. Your resume

Should you require further information, please contact:

Elaine Tom at 604.483.7777 or
email: elaine.tom@tmslp.ca

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: August 8th, 2022 at 4:00 pm

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