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We will be staying still, a little while longer

For Immediate Release- September 14, 2020
Tla’amin Territory, Powell River, BC

Tla’amin Nation Hegus, Legislators, and Emergency Operations Centre staff raise our hands to you for your patience, cooperation, and vigilant actions to keep our community safe. It has been an emotional week as we all work together to support the full and complete recovery of our relatives impacted by Covid-19 .

To slow and stop the spread of Covid-19 we enacted a Shelter in Place Order. To some, this seemed like a drastic measure. Yet, every day over the last 6 days, we have seen more and more of our relatives testing positive and confirming that they too have been impacted.

We recognize that the Order is making some people feel anxious, sad, and angry. We are worried about our families and how our kids will be treated when then return to school. Not being allowed to leave the village reminds many of us of a time when our movements were policed by outsiders. Our leadership and frontline workers share these feelings with you.

This is still a very serious situation. As of today we have over 20 members who have received lab-confirmed positive Covid-19 test results and the Nation is awaiting updated data. The virus does not move on its own; it needs people to move it.

A second in-community drive-thru testing station will take place tomorrow, Tuesday September 15th from 12:30PM-2:30PM at Tla’amin Health. Today, at a duly convened meeting of our Executive Council, the Shelter in Place order was extended until Thursday September 17 at 5PM so that we can review these results and reassess the situation.

We are not out of the woods yet and feel strongly that the best way to keep the community safe is for us all to stay still for just a little while longer.

Food and medication delivery will continue, allowing residents to comfortably Shelter in Place. Tla’amin members with questions or requiring help with milk, bread, eggs, diapers, formula toiletries and other essentials can call: 604-578-0447. Harm reduction services are being offered to those who need them.

Tla’amin Hegus and Legislators thank you for your cooperation as we work together to contain the spread of Covid-19. We share encouragement and gratitude to all of the frontline workers who are keeping the community safe during this difficult time.

Please share this important message with your relatives. We will get through this together.
Stay home, stay safe, and stay kind.

Media Contact
Steve Gallagher | 604-578-8483

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