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Please join us in welcoming Brandon Peters and Ryan Pielle to our team as your new urban liaisons.

Some of the services Brandon and Ryan will provide include:

  • Being an available point of contact to the Tla’amin population in the Vancouver and Victoria areas for general inquiries or information our members living abroad may need.
  • Responding to phone and email enquiries during reasonable hours of the day, and as their schedules allow.
  • Providing information via social media platforms, email and phone, as appropriate.
  • Participating in Tla’amin community events in their region.
  • Communicating with the Neh Motl editor.

Contact information for Brandon and Ryan is as follows:

Brandon Peters                            Ryan Pielle
Vancouver                                       Vancouver Island
brandon.peters@tn-bc.ca             ryan.pielle@tn-bc.ca
Cell: 778-868-6911                          Cell:  778-584-5323 

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