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Hello Tla’amin Members/Citizens:

Many people have asked about how their children will receive the COVID-19 distribution of $600 since they were not listed on the Klahanie Specific Claim application.

Please be advised, the Nation has a list of all our minors and all eligible minors will be paid their distribution under their parent’s or guardian’s name. There is no need to call or inquire as staff have all the information.

If you have new banking information, please provide it as soon as possible to: dividends@tn-bc.ca. Deposit forms from the bank or voided cheques are preferred.

Deposits will be made directly to your banks beginning Friday, April 24.  For those who requested payment by cheque, if you live in the Nation, it will be delivered to you by Friday afternoon and those who live out of town, your cheques will be mailed Friday.

An update on the Klahanie Specific Claim distribution for our minors will be provided in the next couple of weeks.

Questions?  Please email:  dividends@tn-bc.ca or

call 604-483-9646

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